About Our School

Escalante Elementary is a school just off Redwood Road, completed and opened in 2002. The school emphasizes maintaining a highly trained faculty and staff, a focus on the students throughout their experience here, and working with a growing and active PTA and School Community Council.

  • Escalante maintains an amazing outdoor classroom on-site, where students can go to study wetlands, plants, animals, and many other topics related to the science curriculum.
  • Escalante encourages students to learn from each other's cultures and to appreciate the many languages found in its boundaries. Currently, there are more than 30 countries and more than 20 languages represented at Escalante.
  • Escalante implements an integrated approach to teaching the state core curriculum.
  • Escalante continues to meet and exceed academic expectations of the Utah State Board of Education.


Escalante’s Excellence & Equity Plan 2018-2019 

Semester Whole-School Academic Need(s) Whole-School Achievement Gap Whole-School Culture Need
1 All students will show adequate growth in reading fluency and comprehension. To determine if adequate growth was achieved, teachers and administrators will analyze mCLASS data (K-3) and DAZE data (4th-5th). Students who are reading below grade-level will meet adequate, above adequate, or well-above adequate growth as measured by the Patheways of Progress report on mCLASS/

2017-2018 EOL Data

English Language Learners

ELA: 18% Proficient

Math: 28% Proficient

Science: 17% Proficient

Non-English Language Learners

ELA: 35% Proficient

Math: 37% Proficient

Science: 31% Proficent

After teachers receive students’ baseline DIBELS data in mid-September, teachers will closely monitor their ELLs to ensure adequate growth is made by the mid-year DIBELS Benchmark assessment.  Some of these measures will include:

  • MyLexia
  • DIBELS progress monitoring
  • Weekly Common Formative Assessments to guide instructional practices

Teachers will work with instructional coaches, administrations, and grade-level teams to develop teaching plans to support all students. 


By January 10th, 2019, every student and their family will receive a minimum of two positive contacts to their parent/guardian.  Teachers will document when a positive interactions and share updates in their Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). Teachers will make contact with each students’ family quarterly. 


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